Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Review

Ori and the Will of the Wisps, a 2D animated game designed to thrill you in every aspect.

Price on Amazon: ₹3599

Developer: Moon Studios

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Game mode: Single-player combat

Availability: Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox series, X/s, lam8bit for the Nintendo switch

Multiplayer: None

Link: orithegame.com

After the huge success of Ori and the Blind Forest, Microsoft Studios and Moon Studio have presented the Ori and the Will of the Wisps. This game is published by Xbox game studios for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox series, X/s, and Lam8bit for the Nintendo switch.

It is the direct sequel of Ori and the Blind Forest which was published in 2015 by the same house of the gaming company. This game is a 4k UHD and ONE X enhanced.

Like most of the games, this game is available for playing in single-player mode. You can’t get the option to play with multiplayer. Overall it’s a good choice for a gamer to play this game. And also we are surprised by the developer of this game working with a small team.

If we talk about gameplay. It’s perfect and fabulous in every category. The characters, graphics, music, and connective narration style of presenting the theme of the game. Everything is awesome.

In every part of the game even in every slide you feel goosebumps and feel amazed.  You never feel bored in any place during the game. The game’s music, theme, environment, and graphics let you play more and more.

System Requirements for this game

Minimum Requirements

Operating System – Windows 10 of version 18362.0 or higher

Processor – Intel core Is 4460 | AMD Anthlon X4

Memory Required – 8 GB ram

Graphics – AMD R7 370 | Nvidia GTX 950


Storage – 20 GB free space


This game has very smooth control and navigation. Graphics of the game is of high quality thus requires high ram phone to support. Anyone who has prior knowledge to play a game can play easily without any hustles and problems. Players control Ori, a white guardian spirit during the game.

Where you can give different commands to Ori during games to jump, climb, glide and swim between various platforms to solve very interactive puzzles that help the characters to enhance their capacity to re-energize and to step ahead in-game.

Ori is like a little kid who doesn’t know anything and during the game, Ori learns everything. Ori learns different skills by Level by level.

Mysterious forest, illusion, teeth biting adventure feel you so much adventure during the game. Anyone who likes good adventurous and binge games go for it.

lam8bit for the Nintendo switch. Firstly, the game Ori and the Blind Forest is both critical as well as praised work. But one thing became so famous that was the Ori. People want to play more with the character Ori just being loved by everyone.

The developer further expanded the gameplay as well as the design and animation, so people can enjoy more with Ori. As in the previous version, people shared their views as it was completed in just 8 hours.

So the developer expands the blind forest and makes it larger and more interesting than the previous version, so people can enjoy more time with Ori.

In the version of the game, every part seems to be more and more challenging and intense. It needs to be highly concentrated to win this game. At the last after winning the game Ori died and became a tree, shining every time.

And like Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori And the Will of the Wisps also become so famous. The narrative skill, music, and story bind the users and let you connected to the end of the game.

In the interview developers also explained how it was so hard to edit any parts. As it is so interconnected with the people that if you just changed any part it affects other parts as well.

They took care of every part of the game and had developed a thrilling as well as mind pleasing game. So it took a long time for developers to develop Ori And the Will of the Wisps.


The plots and characters are touching and interesting. You will remember the characters of this game for a long time in your memories.

The story takes place immediately after the previous games event of blind forest and it is narrated by the spirit tree which is situated in the forest of Niwen.

With the help of Kuro’s last egg which hatches and gives birth to a baby owl whom Ori, Naru, and Gumo named Ku and accept him as a family member.

They feel disappointed when they realize that Ku was born with a damaged wing. Ku was not able to fly. Later Gumo affixed Ku’s feather to it.

After this Ku and Ori went on a flight that ends up taking them out of nibel into niwen, and this happy ride changes into tragedies.

Here they separated from each other in a storm that took place at that time. The thrill and interesting part of the game start from here.

The plot is really interesting and the animation feels you in every location as well as in a diverse location. Ori and his companion Ku lets you feel so much excitement. Their bond can bind you to connect to you till the end of the game.


However, critics claim that there are some issues with the soundtrack, theme, and frame rate. I also feel this type of issue. The details of the map are required in such games that are missing in this game.

In many places, you found yourself hopeless, disoriented and you found it difficult to decide which path or step to take or not. As nibel forest is a lovely adventurous and colorful forest. One can easily get lost in it. So a detailed map is required but it’s missing from the game.

Also, the frame drop is seen during matches which is quite a negative factor. But we think that the developers would solve these issues after the update. Also, the game is in a 2D side scroller which is also a negative factor. There are some issues with the autosave of the game.

Also many of the times when you play the game and suddenly you stop your gameplay due to a power cut or other reason and when you restart the game you realize that your game is too far back from the point where you had left.

Many of the times you feel lost in the forest as Nible forest is so large. At the beginning of the game, Ori begins with zero skills and starts learning new abilities level by level. Which is looking complex for many users.

Reviews from Various Platforms

  • Games Beat – 98/100
  • Game Informer – 9.5/10
  • IGN – 9/10
  • Destructoid – 9.5/10
  • Windows Central – 4.5/10
  • AUS gamer – 9/10

How to Download and Play this Game?

This game can be played on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox series, and on Microsoft Windows. So here are the steps on how to download this game and play on different platforms. Every mentioned platform is suitable for playing this game as the game is beautifully designed.


You can play the Ori and the Will of the Wisps by downloading the game from its official website (orithegame.com) at $29.99. and you can also take Xbox game pass to enjoy up to 100 high-quality games. Here is the plan of Xbox pass you can take to buy Xbox game:-

1 ) Ultimate plan

  • The first month for $1 then $14.99 per month.
  • Access to 100 + high-quality games for PC console and Android.
  • New games are added from time to time.
  • Get the game on the release date.
  • Get free perks includes game contents and various offers.
  • You can play games on your PC phone and tablet directly from the cloud.

2) Gold plan

  • You can buy a gold plan at $9.99 per month.
  • It also includes under plants high-quality games launches from time to time.
  • Get games on the day of launch.

3) Pc plan

First month for $1 and then $9.99 per month

4) Console

Access it at $9.99 per month


This game can also be played by downloading it on steam at $9.55. You can buy the single game at this price or you can take both game + soundtrack at $15.88.

You can also buy this game content i.e soundtrack at $6.27.

Nintendo Switch

 You can buy and play Ori and the Will of the Wisps on Nintendo switch at $29.99 (digital download) and you can also buy the game on the physical game device.


The overall gaming experience was awesome. Music, graphics were beautifully illustrated. The emotional connection between Ori and Ku takes you to another level.

The price of this game is suitable according to users’ experience. It’s worth to buy this game at this price. This game lets you feel emotional with the bond bind between Ori and his friends.

Overall Ori and the Will of the Wisps is one of the best story-based games available online.

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