Ninja Superb Comeback on Twitch Exclusively with New Contracts

One of the popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has made an announcement that he is returning to the previous live streaming original platform Twitch. Well, this is really the biggest news after his breakup with the site almost one year ago.

And after random streaming on various platforms, Ninja made his comeback news via Twitter and confirmed now he will be streaming completely on Twitch.

Both the parties have signed a multi-year deal with Ninja streaming entirely on the Amazon-owned service. In a statement Ninja said –

“I am excited to get back to streaming full-time and connecting with my loyal fanbase,” “I really took my time to decide which platform was best and Twitch has been supportive throughout this process and understanding my overall career goals. In this next chapter, I’m going to make it a point to elevate and bring more eyes to underrepresented creators. I am looking forward to working with Twitch to demonstrate how this amazing community of gamers can make a meaningful impact.”

Well, I guess the Ninja fans didn’t have many doubts but excited for this new beginning. Last year Ninja broke with Twitch, due to the poor treatment by the Twitch staff and joined the Twitch closest competition – Microsoft’s Mixer. He was not the only one; several other streamers also left Twitch for other streaming platforms.

Some of the streamers joined YouTube or Facebook whereas some switched for Mixer. Whereas Mixer never had much profit from Twitch’s decline, it was doing well on its own but later in June, Microsoft announced the closure of the site.

After the Microsoft’s Mixer service shutdown on July 22nd, there was much rumor about what streaming platform did Ninja will commit to?

And it is not surprising about the Ninja quick collaboration with Twitch and works out the differences. The Ninja’s subscriber was never high on Mixer as it was on Twitch, also the dissolve of Mixer offers the greener pitch for Twitch.

Currently, Ninja is having over 15 million followers and is unquestionably the biggest steamer in the World. Ninja builds his gigantic following on Twitch, and some of them never migrated to Mixer.

So, the decision to return back to Twitch can make a meaningful impact. Additionally, the details of the deal between the two parties are not disclosed for now.

To know more about how he is doing, check out Ninja‘s channel here.

Nishtha Kumari

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