Destiny 2 Will Introduce Important Customization to Beyond Light

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is a fifth major development to Destiny 2 and is launching on November 10 with plenty of latest customization to the game.

It is outlined by the Bungie that the latest expansion will make the Ghosts more customizable and useful. Not only this but now the gamers can also customize the Ghosts sidekick for making is more eye-catching and useful while playing.

Bungie says in the website’s latest blog posts, how they have added a new layer in the improvement of Ghosts. The designer Mina Jasinski says:

  • The Ghost Shells will have the energy levels and also have access to various Mods with different energy costs.
  • And outside of the Generalist shell, the customization has been applied to all Ghosts, so that you can utilize the favorite Ghost Shells despite tier.
  • By default, the selected mods will be available on entire GhostShells, and the remains one will be collected through gameplay sources. And from the Collections, you will find the information from where to locate these mods.
  • Ghost mods were only achieved from gameplay reward loops and not be purchased through Eververse
  • The Ghosts now have four mod slots and by default three are unlocked and the fourth one is unlocked by Master working the Ghost shell.

Well, this means now you can easily customize the Ghost shell as per your taste as you upgrade them and switch their mods on the fly. Also, there are plenty of combinations that you can set up on different Ghosts to twinset whatever goals you may be chasing at that time.

Bungie’s plan’s to separate the Ghost shell look from its gameplay effects, so you can use whatever shells you desire and get all the boosts you enjoy. As with Armor 2.0, it will allow you to make your Ghost shell choices into your character build easily and possibly let you some latest rewards to earn through gameplay.

You can see the latest Ghost shell system as the Destiny 2 Beyond Light begin on November 10.

Nishtha Kumari

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