6 Free Golf Games for Windows You Should Start Playing Now

Who does not like a good virtual game to enjoy and relax. While there are myriads of games available for PC, ranging from racing, adventure, war games to strategy-based games.

We have in our blog explore a rather overlooked but nevertheless genre of engaging, fun, and exciting free Golf games. We have compiled a list of the top 5 golf games for Windows PC players that are available for free on the Windows Store.

The games are free, standalone, and does not require the internet to play. These are lightweight games, not taxing on your graphics card or your RAM, so go on and binge!!!

There is one bonus game at the end of the blog, which is a recommendation if you are serious and want to have a taste of pro-level Golf game before jumping on paid games wagon like Golf Club 2, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, etc.

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Best Free Windows 10 Golf Games:

1 – Golf Clash

Download Golf Game For Windows

Game of the Year 2018 – Mobile Game Awards
Game of the Year – TIGA Awards

Rated best free Golf game of the year by Mobile Game Awards in 2018 and TIGA Awards, Golf Clash brings the most liked features of mini-golf to PC gaming in the form of tricky obstacles, daunting holes, and much more.

LIVE multiplayer mode allows as many as 8 players from around the world in real-time. Climb the Leaderboards, complete the vast set of achievements, and share and compete with friends on Facebook. Therefore it is considered one of the best free Golf games for PC.

Improve your game, win more tournaments, and make a name among your friends and foes! If you get tired of destroying your opponents on the putting green, there is more. You can take on another 80+ holes in a 100% free single player map.  You will be glued to it for hours after hours.


  • With four types of levels: Hole ‘N One, Teleport, Moving Parts, and Challenge Mode
  • Winsome more and Unlock special balls and powerful lasers Real-Time Multiplayer!
  • Dozens of single-player holes
  • Earn Free Coins with unlimited mini-games
  • Strategize and cruise through creative and mind-boggling obstacles including gaps, loops, teleports, and much more!
  • Five-hole themes: Forest, Asia, Western, Beach, and Space!

2 – Mini Golf Club

best free golf games

Mini Golf Club combines beautiful graphics, realistic flight mechanics, and smooth controls to provide a challenging yet fun sports games for all ages.

The core gameplay here is to finish each hole in the shortest number of strokes possible and then progress, of course. And, just as with real-life crazy golf, some holes will utterly fox you.

Here in this free Golf game we have rotating obstacles, outrageous ramps and jumps, rotating sections of the ground, holes through to the sea below, and so on. Boosters like wind zones or jump areas physically accurately interact with your ball. You get better with each level and unlock more levels as you go.

There’s a lot to get around. Mini Golf Club has high replayability thanks to the advanced physics engine, as a result, you can play the same level multiple times and you get a different gameplay experience each time. Endless hours of fun are guaranteed in this best free golf game for Windows.


  • The game features 300+ interactive holes with dynamic parts and moving obstacles.
  • Levels contain a huge variety of ramps, turns, tunnels, slopes, jumps, sand traps.
  • 4 different game modes
  • Bird’s Eye view for a top-down perspective
  • Special boosters like wind zones, jump areas, and moving obstacles set it apart from other similar games
  • Good graphics & sound effects
  • Turn-based matches for up to 4 players on the same device in Hotseat mode
  • Get creative and design your own course with the in-game editor

You can play the same level multiple times and you get a different gameplay experience each time.

3 – Mini Golf Stars 2

best free golf games

Mini Golf Stars is back and better than ever! The sequel to one of the best and most loved golf games of all time! Mini Golf Stars 2 has insanely fun courses, high-stakes multiplayer, and engaging gameplay.

Excellent for playing a round of golf with the family, or for competing against players over the internet. With five varied courses, putters will never be bored of the over 200 plus unique and challenging holes! With more new Holes added every month – FUN goes on!

While this free Golf game is simple to play, it’s hard to master. In a departure from stereotype golf games, in MiniGolf Stars 2, there are no rules, no clubs, and no wimps. Scenic beaches, aired desert sands offer wonderful sight. Master challenging obstacles, slopes, turns, jumps, and ramps!


  • 1 of a Kind 3-star scorecard Scoring System.
  • Play Multiplayer Tournaments Against Other Users (Skillz.com) and rise on the Weekly Rankings.
  • Over 150 Unique Holes that Range in Difficulty from easy to borderline Impossible.
  • Gorgeous 3D environments.

Brag about your putting skills with new video recording and social sharing features. Show off to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

4 – Professional Golf Play 3D

best free golf games

Professional Golf Play 3D, is loaded with realistic graphics & animations, golfing techniques, and real game physics. Play Golf in realistic Golf courses.

Easy click and swipe control to adjust the power mechanic and composing shots. The game is formatted as per the international PAR Scoring System and 9 holes.

Its intuitive navigation takes you through a selection of Players, Golf settings, and Golf arsenal & accessories. Chose your own Weather settings with option including bright Sunny Day, Overcast Weather & Rainy Day.


  • Play complete 9 holes with international PAR Scoring System
  • real-time weather selection option including Sunny Day, Cloudy Weather & Rainy Day
  • A wide array of selection of Players, Golf Course, and Golf Gears
  • Be mindful of water bodies and wind direction
  • Real-like Game Graphics
  • Well-tuned Game-play Physics
  • The lush 3D visuals are a treat for the eye
  • Female commentary
  • User-friendly navigation

5 – Super Golf Land

Free Golf Games for Windows

Super Golf Land is one of the top-rated golf games and is available for free to Windows users. It sports a simple graphical design, perfect projectile mechanics, many interesting and challenging turfs.

This free Golf game is more of a physics mini-game than an actual golf game. You have to navigate tricky courses using perfect aim and velocity. The aiming system is similar to Angry Birds such that you control the angle and velocity of the shot.

The controls work well for precise accuracy. And the courses are extremely fun! Levels are challenging yet satisfying, and never get boring.

You will need to determine the direction and power of each hit shots to put the ball into the hole on the different topography. There are 3 terrains to choose the Eagle Highlands (Plateau Eagle golf), Bridie Desert (desert golf Birdie), and Bogey Island (Island Bogey golfers).

However, initially, you can only play at Eagle Highlands, then complete the mission to unlock the other game screen.


  • Free to download
  • 72 holes rated attractive terrains scattered across three topographies.
  • 3 exciting mini-games for each hole.
  • Unlock 8 power-ups.
  • Graphics and sound attraction.
  • Realistic ball mechanics.

Bonus Recommendation: World Golf Tour (WGT)

Free Golf Games for Windows

It’s the no. 1 free golf game for Windows PC available at the time. Developed by Topgolf Media, it is as close it gets to the real golf games as TV channels like on ESPN Sports, Star Sports, Golf Channel, and FOX Sports.

Featuring full stroke play on Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes (Golf Digest #1 rated resort), Chambers Bay, and St Andrews from the PGA Tour. This sports game is a full game simulation built with the best GPS and 3D technology.


  • Experience more than 15 championship golf courses, including Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, Chambers BayBethpage Black, and more
  • Give your friends run for their money and engage them in rigorous gameplay in multiplayer modes, chat while you play. Improve your game and get recognition in leaderboard rankings.
  • Engage in elaborate 18-hole stroke play or enjoy the short 9-hole courses similar to real golf games.
  • Play in Topgolf mode and scoring points by hitting targets in the outfield and challenge up to six players
  • Free tournaments including the Virtual U.S. Open, WGT Virtual Tour Championship, and many more
  • Make additions to your golf bag with virtual golf equipment including golf balls, drivers, woods, club, irons, wedges, putters, and choose that perfect shot type from options, namely, full, punch, pitch, chip, flop, and putt.
  • Invite friends to compete in multiplayer games with teasing them on chat in-game
  • Become a member of a country club, meet new people, improve your skills, compete in events and private tournaments, and more
  • Gift friend’s virtual gears and boosts from the Store.


Well, the Golf game was stereotyped as a game of the richer and the old ones. But now more and more people have learned the ease and free phase of playing golf games.

And nowadays, there are plenty of golf games that are fun to play and exciting and some of the apps imitate the real gaming experience. Therefore today in this article, I have listed the top 5 free golf games for Windows and 1 bonus golf game that offers a real-time gaming experience.

Hope the find these free golf games exciting and fun to play. Also, we like to hear from you, feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Good Luck..!

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