Among Us Massive Spam Attack Forces Players to Subscribe YouTube Channel

If I say Among Us gets hacked then there is no falsity in it. Well, the sudden popularity of the game has open doors for hackers.

The days after the US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played Among Us to an audience of more the 700000 individuals, hundreds of players suddenly found their in-game test chats spammed with messages that redirect the gamers to the YouTube and Discord channels named Eris Loris.

Well, on Thursday evening, the hack starts spreading through the game’s userbase. Many players also reported their device also gets hacked and they are getting threatening messages of killing the player’s device if not subscribe to the channels.

Not only this, but it also seems the hack vanish the game background and leaves everyone floating in black empty space. Well for the good measure, some messages also include Trump’s 2020 campaign slogans.

On the other hand, Innersloth the developer of this popular multiplayer game is well aware of this current hacking and confirmed had planned to soon roll out an emergency server-side update to address the spam.

Among Us gets hacked

Also one of the three developers of the InnerSloth team, Forest Willard confirmed they had begun rolling out the update in the middle of the night, but it seemed like it won’t have tackled the spam issue, as the gamers continued to post about the spam-filled messages on Twitter. And it is advised by the developers to the gamers to play private games with friends until they are working on the problem.

Among Us gets hacked

Alternatively, it seems the hacker’s prime motive is to troll the people. As they told Kotaku “I was curious to see what would happen, and personally I found it funny. The anger and hatred is the part that makes it funny. If you care about a game and are willing to go and spam dislike some random dude on the internet because you can’t [sic] play it for three minutes, it’s stupid.”

And Kotaku points out for a while Among Us had a hacking issue, but is on a different scale. Also, the hackers claim they have been able to hit more than 1.5 million games and affected approximately 5 million gamers.

Well as of now the Among US subreddit is packed with threads dedicated to the present situation. And many of them don’t have positive things to say about Eris Loris.

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